The Farm

Our thirty vineyard blocks range in altitude from 200m to over 550m.  A variety of soils are encountered with the predominant ones being Oakleaf and deep Tukulu through to fertile Clovelly. We are currently undertaking an extensive replanting programme of approximately 6 hectares per year. A hectare for reference is the size of an international sized rugby pitch and on average 2 500 new vines will be planted per hectare. Of the 294ha, a total of 70ha currently are planted to vine with a five-year plan of reaching 100ha. The vines are all grafted rootstock and are planted as trellised and bushvine. Integrated Production of Wine practices are adhered to and we are WIETA certified. We are underway with a comprehensive eradication programme of alien tree species and whilst this is a long term project, we are already seeing an increase of water run-off into our dams.

The gradient of the slopes affords the vineyards longer sunlight hours which in turn results in optimal ripeness at harvest. We farm in harmony with nature using proven biological principles to reduce dependence on chemical sprays.