Our Story

The Bridge of Hope Wines was born out of an interest stirred in Rosemary Mosia after a research project about the wine industry, which she conducted whilst working towards her Master’s Degree in Business Leadership. However, developing her wine company and securing a production partner only became a reality in 2012.

Rosemary’s business background is founded on a solid accounting base, forensic auditing, business and financial management and risk control, with several degrees to her name.

The Bridge of Hope Wines are created by Linton Park Wine Estate in Wellington, South Africa. The naming of the range was simply the easiest of tasks as Rosemary seamlessly has bridged her life, her career and her transition to being in the wine industry. Albeit with a significant amount of planning and construction, not dissimilar to building bridges!

The brand’s value proposition of ‘we will take you there’ encompasses the bridge of delivering a flavourful and characterful wine to move people from one varietal taste sensation to another. It incorporates the social responsibility which Rosemary is passionate about. She assists businesses in the wine industry from Small to Medium Enterprises and Co-operatives which are members of various Business Chambers. At the centre of this is the ethos of reduction of youth unemployment aligned with uplifting nominated communities.

The Wine Estate

Linton Park’s legacy started in 1699 as the farm De Slange Rivier. The farm was named originally for the winding stream, Snake River or Slange Rivier which still flows down the mountain. The majestic Groenberg Mountain presides over the Estate, which is minutes away from the charming and rustic town of Wellington in South Africa’s Western Cape province.

Several diverse micro climates are offered by the valley folds and mountain slopes and the vineyards are sited and prepared to optimise these.

The Estate’s three centuries of winemaking tradition is honoured by the grape growing and wine making teams.

The vine’s natural cycles are respected and by using modern cellar practices complex yet elegant, characterful and awarded wines are made.