Our People

Rosemary is the Founder and CEO of The Bridge of Hope wines. Her career in wine was triggered by a friend who suggested that she should do her master degree research of SME’s within industry. That research made her realized that this is a classy industry with lucrative business opportunities but capital intensive. After her research she started registering with wine online magazines, attending wine tasting and reading anything about wine that she put her eyes one. In 2005 she started he own wine company but only became active 2012. Her wine knowledge was also polished by doing WSET 3; unfortunately she didn’t sit for exams as she had to attend an important wine exposition in USA. She has done wine shows in SA, Russia, Germany, China, USA, Berlin, Italy and Hong Kong. She is forever improving her knowledge in wine and is now appreciating wine more than before. Her love for industry has ensured that she assist women owned wine businesses- at any value stage of wine (from planting grapes to delivering to the consumer’s house)

Our switched-on winemaker, JG Auret, has been handcrafting the Linton Park portfolio since 2007. His knowledge from making wine in the USA and visiting Australia has assisted him in winning numerous wine accolades to establish himself as a leading winemaker. JG is assisted in the cellar by the young aspiring Anrico Solomons.

The farm covers 294 hectares of which 100 hectares are planted with noble varietals such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinotage, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. The vineyards are situated on the slopes of Groenberg, over 500m high, where temperatures are very much cooler. The vineyards are in the capable hands of experienced Estate Manager Rudolf Jansen van Vuuren. Rudolf has 20 years’ experience in the viticulture and vine nursery industry.